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Tuesday, 13 November 2012 06:43

Blog by Liana May of Living Beautifully

Written by

So this is my first blog post and the product I will be reviewing is the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover  :)

Honestly I have used this product quite religiously since I was 16. Before then I had been plagued with horrible, manly-looking,

dark upper lip hair. I had tried everything under the sun just short of laser hair removal...which I've heard can leave some pretty

bad scarring if you scar easily. Probably wouldn't be a good idea since, in my case, if I get a slight scratch, it'll quickly turn into

a scar that will last for months. 


 In the past I had tried:

1.  Bleaching. Not only was it painful on my skin, but voila! I had a blonde mustache! Just what I was aiming for!!

     NO. I didn't want a mustache. Period.

2.  Tweezing was always an option...but who has time to spend hours in the mirror plucking hundreds of tiny hairs?

3.  And of course threading. Threading is effective but not exactly the most pleasurable experience watching someone

     with one end of the thread in their mouth and the other on your face. Plus occasionally the thread nicks your skin.

4.  Oh, and I've never dared to try this, but please do not SHAVE. We are ladies, let's try to stay away from the blade.

     Plus, shaving the hair, instead of pulling it out at the roots, causes it to grow THICKER.


Finally I was introduced to this product, Bellabe. A lot of people wonder how a simple spring can pull tiny hairs on your face.

I was surprised too when I first used it. Basically the steps include bending the spring, placing it on your face, then rolling it along

your skin where hair is to be removed. 

Yes it hurts at first, but let's be honest, if it's not pulling  your hair out, it wouldn't hurt, right? Anyways, you get quite used to it after a while.

Most people use Bellabe on their upper lip hair. Just bend and roll :)

I've tried using Bellabe on other areas of my face and it seems to work just as well. Just make sure not to use it on your eyebrows...it's so

effective it will catch your eyelashes if you're not careful. Needless to say, you don't have to look in the mirror while using this product, as it will

remove ALL the hair in the area it's working on, specifically upper lip hair.

After using Bellabe my skin usually is a bit red afterwards, but this is pretty normal as it goes away within the hour or so. 

In conclusion, this is probably one of the most effective beauty products I have found as I have not been bothered by my facial

hair after discovering this little miracle. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has been fighting the battle against stubborn,

manly looking upper lip hair!

   Stay Lovely,


*And for those who are curious about the mechanism behind this little hair-pulling device, when the spring is bent, it opens up space

between the spring's coils to allow hair to come between the coils. When rolled, the coils close and the opposite side opens, allowing

hair to be trapped within the coils and effectively pulled out from the roots.


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