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How It Works

How does Bellabe work?

1. Bend the Bellabe spring downwards as shown in the picture and place against your face where facial hair is to be removed. Make sure the inverted U is constant.



2. Roll the handles outward and then inward in a continuous motion. You will feel a plucking sensation as the hair is removed from the roots.

Repeat over the same area again and again, constantly turning the handles between your fingers until all hair is removed.

Click Video Above On How To Use Bellabe

Top Review for Bellabe: I saw the first hairs grow off of my chin as a teenager. A TEENAGER!!!! Since then I have tried so many things to effectively remove hair, it is almost embarrassing. ALMOST. But this thing is a dream. It takes no time at all, removes hair pretty much without exception, and it does not require a mirror or special glasses and light to see hair that my old eyes cannot focus on. Thank you to whomever created this product. The Nobel prize, I believe, is in order. - S. Young, May 9, 2014

Watch Bellabe™ Facial Hair Remover in action.

Enclosed with the purchase of your Bellabe facial hair remover is a leaflet containing instructions, diagrams for directions on usage, useful tips, simple cleaning and maintenance methods.

Another review from a customer!! - Since reaching a certain age, I have been dealing with the presence of some facial hair on my chin, and lots of peach fuzz on my cheeks. It was through searching for information on another product that I found the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover. You simply bend the product and roll it over your face while rotating the ends between your fingers. The coiled device gently pulls the hair from your face. It is much easier that tweezing. I wish I had found this product years ago. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking an efficient and affordable way to manage facial hair. - May 3, 2014

How to Clean Bellabe

Watch how to clean Bellabe

Dara says: I purchased this product in response to my frustration at the cost and inconvenience of regular lip and chin waxing. I've tried waxing myself and after two attempts I vowed I would never try that again (messy and poor result). I figured, what could it hurt to try this? (no pun intended). It didn't take me more than two attempts to master the technique - it is easy to do. It does hurt a little more than waxing but I find the pain is less every time I do it. I do have to use this product a once every week or week and a half vs. every three weeks at the salon, but the convenience of doing this when I want is priceless, plus the money I'm saving makes me feel a lot better. :-) - April 15, 2014

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