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Love this facial hair remover! Works for me as advertised. Not really any more painful for me than using tweezers but it is way more convenient. Seems to be well made and "Made in the U.S.A." is a plus. Love this facial hair remover!

DJon - January 8, 2017

Works well and does exactly what it claims. Very effective on even super fine hairs, unlike many other removal products. My reason for 4 stars versus 5 is that there is a minor amount of skin irritation from repeated rolling of the product over skin. Some reviewers have noted breakouts - this can be minimized by using the product (cleaned) on clean skin, and following with toner after.

Dawn - January 6, 2017

Have used this for years. Great product and fast delivery. I love it. If you can grab a hair with tweezers, this can grab it. Does it hurt? Yes. I think the pain will lessen in time or you get used to it. It takes some practice to figure out how to get the most hair out. Sometimes it doesn't need to be bent into a full U shape. I wish I found this years ago. Qquickly removes fine facial hair with minimal discomfort. I love it!

Tracey G - January 2, 2017

I really like this product. It quickly removes fine facial hair with minimal discomfort. It is true that the coarser hairs sometimes require multiple "passes" over them, the product will also remove those thicker hairs. I recommend this product.

Jane T.- January 5, 2017

This is the best hair remover for facial hair (not eyebrows). I have tried decapitators, standard tweezers, and razors. I considered waxing, but that looked too painful and lasers, too expensive. There is a learning curve with the Bellabe and some pain. Once you know what to expect, the pain is not too bad and worth the results. There may be some issues if you have very sensitive skin. It works like a big tweezer and removes very fine hairs. The skin is left very smooth. It took some days to remove all the hair I wanted to eliminate; however, once the hair is gone the areas are easily maintained. I have two of the Bellabes; I can use one while watching the TV:and the other is in the bathroom, where I can use it to observe and remove any stray hairs. They can be used everyday and will travel well.

Rita Gearhart - January 1, 2017

It works great! Took me a few days to figure out how to use it...google it, and watch the youtube video. Just use it a few minutes a day for the first week. Now i don't have all that fuzz and those long dark hairs are gone! My fingers aren't strong enough to pull them out anymore, but this thing pulled them out without any problem. I keep it on my desk at work. Just use it when reading or talking on the phone, and nobody knows it! No more hairs on my throat and on my lip. Love it!

June - December 7, 2016

I love this. I used to bleach my facial hair and swore it off after I burnt my skin a few hours before my high school prom (eek!!!). This takes a little getting used to in terms of pain tolerance, but it is worth it! I love finding natural solutions, and this is it. I never have to go buy facial hair bleach again, or wait that painful, nauseating 15 minutes for it to do its job. I just use this out for the shower for a few seconds and the hair is gone!

Amazon Customer - December 10, 2016

It is very useful, it is more painful than wax, but it is very effective and is a quick method to clean your mustache. I travel a lot for work so it is very easy to take with me and avoid search for a wax place to remove my facial hair.

lariht - December 7, 2016

5.0 out of 5 starsIt's A Keeper! Don't want to be without it!

I've been using Bellabe for a few months and have found it to be easy and effective for me. I have used it all over my face, with great care avoiding eyebrows and eyelashes. I adjusted quickly to the initial stinging and it hasn't left any irritation on my sensitive skin. I like that I can use it as often as I like and after a few times of use, it seems some of the hair hasn't grown back. I focus mostly on my upper and lower lips, and use tweezers for the more stubborn ones that are thick and deep. My hair is dark. I've used bleaching creams that weren't effective for very long, plus were irritating to my skin. I also tried waxing which caused redness, dryness, irritation and pimples. I resolved to tweezing but (at age 57), I have too much facial hair to tweeze every one. It had become my latest retirement project! Bellabe has been a blessing to my rather simple primping routine. That routine is especially simple now with Bellabe! I chose Bellabe after reading some rather concerning reviews on other forms of hair removal. I was skeptical of Bellabe because it seemed too good to be true, yet figured I had nothing to lose considering the price. I don't usually write reviews, but if this can be of help to one woman it will have been worth it. I know there are other women like myself who don't go to spas or spent much time in salons or reading beauty magazines to learn what tools and techniques are available, yet we also desire to look as attractive as we can.

Meema - September 6, 2015

Really Works!

I received the Bellabe 3 weeks ago. It was easy to use and very effective in removing the facial hairs on the upper lip and chin area. I had to work harder to remove the hairs on the lower chin area. Mainly because they were not as visible and it is tougher (for me at least) to thighten the skin in this area. So far I am very pleased, the hair was pulled from the roots and has not returned. There is a stinging sensation, but more gentler than wax removal. And I don't have the rough fuzzy hairs, (or shadow), that is left by shaving. I only wish I had known of the product years ago. I have what I fear is permanant skin discoloration on my upper lip and chin area from years of using hair removal creams. For those wanting additional information on the product, there are several "great" videos available on youtube. I viewed several before deciding to purchase the item.

Curly Blue - February 4, 2015

5.0 out of 5 starsThis really works!

I didn't understand why so many people would say they loved their Bellabe, what was to love about ripping hair out of your skin? But after using it for a couple months, I totally understand now. I was tired of dealing with trying to get rid of facial hair with less than good results, so I went ahead and bought it based on the reviews. There is a learning curve to using it, but I would say go slow, don't expect to just quickly roll it over your face and have all your hair gone. I started with the blonde peach fuzz on my cheeks and could go faster with that, it felt like tiny pricks, not bad. Than onto chin hair which had some hairs that were darker and coarser, therefore I went slower and used a magnifying mirror for. Just roll in one direction and go slow, it will grab those coarse hairs if you are patient with them, these hurt more to pull out. Got to the upper lip and yes, this area hurt like heck! I actually had tears coming from my eyes, but I persisted because I knew if I could get through it, the results would be good and each time it would get easier. I actually asked my hubby to get me some ice so I could numb the area. Not sure if this was a good idea because while it did numb it, the cold ice will actually close your pores tighter making the hair more difficult to pull out. There are still a few hairs I have to pull out with tweezers, under the chin mainly, the skin is a little loser there. Also at the jaw line it takes more time with the Bellabe to get those hairs, I think it is the angle. Now when I use Bellabe, the hairs come out easily and there is very little pain. Hair takes longer to come in and is thinner. My skin is so soft and smooth, and I don't have to worry about strange hairs when I go out. I use this every other day since different hairs grow on different cycles but I too am one that can now say I love my Bellabe!

Kindle Customer - February 25, 2015

4.0 out of 5 starsDoes the job, apparently...

Bought this because my wife wanted it. We're in our 40's, and this item seems designed to help remove the inevitable peach fuzz and occasional wayward hair that can start to appear around this age, to the great dismay of the woman who experiences it. I, of course, didn't notice anything amiss, and told my wife whatever she was concerned about was completely unnoticeable. She's gorgeous. She, on the other hand, is convinced that any faint facial hair that manifests makes her blood kin to the grizzly bear that bit Jim Bridger's arse, and must not be tolerated. Go figure. So, she seems pretty satisfied with the results from this device, although she uses other stuff too. To me, it appears like something from the Spanish Inquisition (which nobody expects). But, it performs the task of ripping out little microscopic hairs from my wife's face, so I guess it works. Girls. Waddya gonna do? We guys would just use a circular saw. That's how 'cause we be so purty and smert.

Tanggor - February 27, 2015

I love this! It's easy to use, fast and efficient. It stings a bit at first but you become accustomed to it very quickly. It seems a bit simplistic but that's why it works so well, no fancy parts to break.

Jennifer Kennedy - April 10, 2014

These "springs" work beautifully. It's like waxing without the mess and pain. So glad I gave them a try. Leaves skin totally smooth.

Z. Oliver - March 22, 2014

These facial air removers work great! i wil never go back to creams or waxing! love, love, love them! thanks

Lynn Leczano, New York - Jan 26,  2014

This is the truth I first found them on a shopping channel and then they were gone. As with anything else there's always amazon and what did I find? Yes I did. It's just like waxing without the cost and I can remove my own chin and lil mustache myself and put some herbal lotion on and you're good to go.

Michelle B, San Jose, CA - Jan 4,  2014

My daughter introduced me to these and now we are both hooked.

We are forever fans. You have to try for yourself they are so easy to use!

Mary V. - Dec. 30, 2013


 Nicole T., Surprise, AZ  - Dec 15,  2013

 I bought 2 and gave one to my mother. She was looking at the Nono, and this was rated higher and definitely cheaper! Mine worked well on my face.

C. Walup, Surprise, AZ - Dec 12,  2013

I hate threading because it always seems to cut my thin skin. Bellabe hair removers to the rescue. Awesome and so easy to use once you get the hang of it. I do my whole face except eyebrows. If you've never used one, it's simple. It's a coiled wire that you bend and twist which tightens around and pulls out a few hairs at a time. Painless...no. But when is yanking hair out painless? It's quick and sanitary. You can clean it with rubbing alcohol after and before each use. If you're not hairy...I despise you. If you are, then get one of these for you and every woman you know. I've bought these and the REM springs and have saved so much $$$ on getting waxing etc.

S. Remtulla - Dec. 12, 2013

I just received mine in the mail and used it for the 1st time....A-MAZ-ING!!!!
No more endless plucking! Not to mention I have to use a X10 mirror.

There aren't enough glowing words of appreciation for this product.
It delivers exactly what it says!

Tisha Daniels Thurman, Arizona - Nov. 30, 2013

I normally don't write reviews but I have to say like so many I was skeptical when I read other reviews & was like there is no way this can be that good. Well I'm here to tell you it is that good, I love mine & I just ordered two more, so much better than using creams or going for the dreaded lip wax. This is so easy to use & there is a little sting when you use it on your lips but it's slight so not so painful that you don't want to use it, I highly recommend this to the women out there that are thinking about buying this. I am a very happy customer.

Music Lover, California - Nov. 8, 2012

Can't thank you enough for a wonderful product.I used the Bellabe one time and have had baby soft chin for two days. Just returned my $279.00 NO! NO! Thank you again!!

L. Connors, New Jersey - Sept 20, 2012

I've never plucked, tweezed, waxed, or shaved. But now that I am in my 40's the time has come. I am so glad that a friend recommended Bellabe to me. It hurt at first to use it. But after a few times, I got used to it and now I hardly feel anything. I see how smooth and silky my face is, and it is so worth it!! Thank you for such a wonderful product. And made in USA too!!

J. Simmons, S. Carolina - Sept 9, 2012

I bought Bellabe and it works like a charm...thank you soooo much...this is a wonderful invention...

V. Vadlamani, India - June 1, 2012

Just purchased my Bellabe and used it about 4 days and my face has never felt this soft and smooth in years. I have spent a fortune in other hair removal products with minimal results. This is truely remarkable and so easy to use!! I will be ordering another for my purse. Thank you so much. I don't have to be self conscious anymore.

L. Nolan - March 3, 2012

Hi there,
I would just like to let you know how happy I am with your product. After suffering from dark facial hair since I can remember I decided I would try laser hair removal. After 7 treatments and getting acne from it I decided to stop only to find my hair grew back 3 times longer. I was ashamed to go out looking like that. I had tried waxing before and that also irritated my skin, I decided to have a look around on the internet. After ordering and receiving the Bellabe I can tell you that I have never been so happy with a product!!
The Bellable has been a life saver for me.
I hope you never stop selling it!!!
Thank you.

P. Narayan - Nov. 28, 2011

I have to thank you for this amazing product. Seriously the best solution for facial hair EVER. Thank you so much for saving me time and money. God Bless you.

KC C., California - Aug. 20, 2011

I just got my bellabe today and ripped the package open as soon as I saw it was here, I didn't even change out of my scrubs, I just went to town on my face. I have to tell you how appreciative I am!!! I have plucked, waxed, tweezed, used creams, shaved And used an epilator.. And this worked The fastest and was so painless AND It didn't rip my skin off or burn! My last Resort was to look into laser removal but I figured I would try this. I am so happy I can't even explain it! I'm going to order a few more.. One for home, one for the car, and one for my purse.. Just incase. Again.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I wish I would have found this sooner!

S. Bosi - July 2011

I just received my package and used it, I LOVE IT. It hurts a little at first but you quickly adjust just like tweezing eyebrows. I think I know what I'll be putting in the stockings, for the ladies in my family, for the holidays. Thank You

N. Kancianic - March 23, 2011

Thank you for fast shipping and good quality product! It's really easy to use and perfect for travels! After you get use to it you feel less pain than waxing or other threadings. Thank you very much!!

P. Yurer, Turkey - March 16, 2011

I am 53 years old. I had been on prednisone for crohn's disease in the past. As a result, I have more facial hair than usual. Age probably contributes a lot also. I always shaved, especially my chin. Dark, thick hair! Even carried a disposable razor in my car just in case I missed a hair. Then one day the razor was gone. Here my husband cleaned my car for me one day and threw it away. He couldn't imagine why I would need a throw away razor in my car. Needless to say, I was embarrassed, but had to tell him that I had this horrible hair growing on my chin. If I only had my Bellabe then, I could have kept my ugly little hairs secret. I would have had my Bellabe hidden in my purse. My mother saw the bellabe and ordered (2). She gave them both to me. One for the medicine cabinet and one for my purse. My daughter saw this and wanted one. We ordered another for her. I was shaving my facial hair every single day. Now I use my Bellabe only about once a month. It is amazing. I've had mine for about 6 months and wouldn't be without one. Can't thank you enough. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Helen W., PA - Feb. 28, 2011


aspreet K., New York - Feb. 22, 2011

Girls-I have tried EVERYTHING and I thought....mmmm okay I'll try it! OMG OMG!!! I started to cry when I felt under my chin!!! It felt like a babies butt!!! I'm 53 and for 25 years I've had coarse hair and OMG! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hair hasn't even grown back yet....it's been 5 days. Normally it would have-It is a miracle for me! Just to feel and look "Normal" this is great!!! Now my boyfriend can kiss me on the neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Bellabe-you have a great product !"

"theyank" - Feb. 12, 2011

I am 63 years old and have had ugly chin hair problems for quite a while. I've been shaving it and then it comes in very sharp, course and nasty. I've used this Bellabe remover for about a week now and it does do the job. It does sting, but not enough to stop using it for the purpose of removing that fine facial hair and the difficult hair also. I watch TV and just roll it around and it does the job. I definitely would recommend this product to everyone.

Debi P., Miami, FL - Feb 12, 2011

WOW.... This is the best tool in facial hair remover. A...MUST-HAVE...tool! This really pulls out so many hairs at a time and is easy, saves time. does a great job. Trust me- totally worth it!

Georgia D., Minnesota - Nov. 6, 2010

I got my Bellabe today, in less than a week, and that was with my placing my order on the weekend. Totally impressed with the fast delivery. I couldn't wait to try it and it worked just as promised. I am so glad I had read the reviews that alerted me to the discomfort you might experience when first using Bellabe. I wouldn't call it painful. I was very much aware I was removing the hair on my face. I certainly didn't mind the discomfort since I now can run my fingers over my face and not wince now that the peach fuzz is no longer on my upper and lower lip areas. I tweezed, so it is no more uncomfortable than that is, and so much quicker and it gets more the fine hairs that I could when I did tweeze. Thank you for this awesome product. I was getting desperate enough that I had given serious thought to buying a chemical product to remove the unwanted hair. It was during my internet search for facial hair removal that I found your website. It gave me a better option to try, as I wasn't all that thrilled about applying chemicals to my face, but was tired of the endless tweezing I had to do.
I am telling all my girlfriends about this wonderful product.

Kathy L., California - Sep 17, 2010

I've suffered with facial hair for a long time now. I had black hair on my face and it seemed like even tweezing wouldn't work cause I could never get it all. I had it on my neck, chin, and on the sides of my face. The reason why I say "had" is because I finally found something that would take care of it, and that would be Bellabe! I can't thank you enough! I finally feel more confident and can actually wear my hair up without feeling embarrassed. It definitely took me awhile the first time to get the unwanted hair off (considering I had a lot) and you really just have to keep working at it to get the hang of it but it's actually very easy to use. I love Bellabe and I will always continue to use it. Thank you!

Alana S. - August 1, 2010

I purchased Bellabe just a few days ago and I honestly don't know what took me so long to find it. It is absolutely amazing!! I have been plagued with the problem of facial hair for years and because of constant quick shaving the hairs would come back very strong and resistant. As a black woman it became very slightly and therefore I decided to try something different when I came across this product. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Charlene J. - June 22, 2010

How do I leave comments on your site about your product? There are way too many hair removal products EVERYWHERE that don't work! YOURS DOES, once the "technich" is mastered! I'm VERY, VERY pleased with Bellabe!!! I received mine less than a week ago.

Michele G., Missouri - May 17, 2010

I love this!! Obviously, you are pulling hair out from the root, so you are going to feel it, ladies. I found that using it a little bit each night has already made my skin get used to the pinch sensation. This will save me a ton of money (and time) in upper lip waxing!! I never want to be without this. I am so glad that I have two, otherwise, I might worry about being without it!!

Faith, New Zealand - May 17, 2010

I love Bellabe!! Just got it in the mail today. Tried it out and my face feels so soft. Grabs those long and short hairs. Very impressed. Only tried it once but I love it already!! Only takes one time to see how great a product this is. I have very sensitive skin; wax breaks me out, bleach and lotions really hurt my skin and give me open sores. This product is so easy to use. Thanks, Bellabe, for making such a great product!

Amy C., Illinois - May 14, 2010

OMG!! It's Monday, I just received it!! I ordered your Bellabe just 3 days ago! Awesome speed, the best price and unsurpassed customer service. What a combination! I paid less than what I'd pay for only one more string session. I am using it and already I feel like an expert after a few minutes. I am very impressed! Thank you!!

Mayra C., Texas - May 3, 2010

I love how Bellabe took the peach fuzz off my face. It hurt just a little but was well worth it. I have such smooth skin now, and no irritation at all. I used a magnifying mirror as my eyesight is not the best and I could see the fuzz free path this made as I went. AMAZING!!

Colleen M. - May 3, 2010

I could not leave a review on your website so I am sending you an email. I just want to thank youfor the amazing product Bellabe. Shipping was super fast and product is just amazing with authentic quality. Thank you again!! I am a customer for life!

M. Patti - May 1, 2010

I would recommend this to everyone. Bellabe works wonderful! The sting is not much at all, very easy to use, with no irritation. Redness is minimal and goes away quickly, leaving the upper lip, chin and yes, neck & cheek areas soft and the hair stays gone for an extended time versus just tweezing (of which, can take forever and only get a few hairs at a time, but not with Bellabe, they are great)!!

Another customer - April 20, 2010

Awesome!! This is one of the best products I have ever purchased. It really works. I have gone for threading, this works just as well. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!

Sova - April 18, 2010

They work! Yes, you will feel the pinch of the hair being removed, but this does the job! The trick is to do it everyday, so that the hairs don't get long again.

Jimda - April 17, 2010
Oh yeah!!! How did I ever live without this product? My peach fuzz is no longer there!!! What a worthwhile item. Does hurt a little but the results are so worth it!!! Can't go wrong.

Love shoppin! - April 15, 2010

What a GREAT product. Just got my Bellabe today. I can't believe what a good job it does. I get a full face threading each month...from now on, I will only need my eyebrows done. I can do the rest myself and save $35 each month!!

Buysalot - April 14, 2010

I LOOOOVE this product!! Bellabe is wonderful! I am a 30 year old Italian woman with lots of hair on my face. It's very embarrassing. I'm so happy to finally have a product that works and removes everything. I highly recommend.

Jenny P. - April 13, 2010

I've been using an epilator on my face for years. It doesn't feel good, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Mustaches on women just aren't cool. Bellabe is nothing compared to an epilator. The "pain" is minimal and I'm not even sure I'd classify it as pain. And quite frankly, Bellabe works better. I was able to get very fine hair off my face that I never got off with my epilator. I'm real impressed with this little gadget!

T. Hawk - April 13, 2010

I got Bellabe in a weak moment, but it is amazing! I would have never thought it'd work so well and easy. Once you have it, you'll wonder what you did without it.

Jean L. - April 12, 2010

This is an excellent product that removes all the facial hair! No more waxing for me. I had contemplated going to the mall where they have the threaders that remove the hair. No need to do that now. This product will take care of it - do try it, you will be very satisfied.

Sonya M. - April 12, 2010

Simple but awesome product!! How something so simple could work so great is beyond me, but I'm so glad that I came across Bellabe. Now I can throw out all the facial hair trimmers that I've accumulated over the years. I've always wanted to remove the hair instead of just trimming it, but was unable to wax or use other methods because of my super sensitive skin. Although there is a little pain involved, my skin isn't even red after using it.

Patricia M. - April 11, 2010

I was skeptical of how well this would work, but Bellabe is awesome!!! I used to wax until I had an incident where a strip of skin about a half inch long ripped off under my nose along with the wax (from the wax being applied on top of a small blemish.) It took a few months to heal, but thankfully, it left no scars. Since then, I've only used tweezers, which takes a long time and leaves a lot of hair behind. The Bellabe takes all of the hair with relatively little pain. I would highly recommend this over tweezing, and especially over waxing.

Gabi G. - April 11, 2010

I would like to say that I love your product! It really helps get rid of the facial hair from my face that has always made me feel extremely self conscious. But now thanks to Bellabe, my skin is just clear from all that facial hair!! :)

Caroline P., Rhode Island - March 26, 2010

I have struggled with facial hair since my mid 20's. That is over 30 years!! I have tried everything including tweezing, waxing, Smooth Away, No!No!, creams, etc. After my last effort with No!No! and deciding that the risk of facial burns was not worth it, I found Bellabe. I LOVE THIS!! I cannot believe that such an affordable and easy option exists. I will never use any other product now. I have had such amazing results. It took me a bit to get the process down but the videos and suggestions on boards got me there. This is painless, I have no side effects, etc. I am in disbelief that I can now use even a magnification mirror and see a smooth result. Thank you so much!!

D. Anderson., Pennsylvania - February 26, 2010

Hey! I just wanted to say I love your product but could you please start selling Bellabe at stores? When will Bellabe be available in stores?

Sara L., Connecticut - January 26, 2010

Bellabe is AMAZING!!

Leslie D., New York - January 5, 2010

Bellabe is perfect and a godsend!

Saba I., Georgia - November 20, 2009

Love your product!!

Sarah S., New Jersey - November 3, 2009

I ordered a bellabe about 2 months and just wanted to let you know that I LOVE it. For years excess hair on my chin,upper lip, and neck due to PCOS have made me self conscious. Bellabe works quickly and painlessly. Thank you so much for such a great, affordable product.

Holly T., Kentucky - October 31, 2009

I ordered your product a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the Bellabe facial hair remover!! I am so pleased, that I posted your link on my Facebook page, along with a recommendation! I sincerely hope that you get more sales from my promotion!! Thankyou!!

Cathy D., Ontario, Canada - October 23, 2009

I am in love!!! Your product has been the first one to do what it claims to do!!!I cannot thank you enough. I had resorted to shaving when the creams, lotions and waxing on my own did not give the results I needed. I had to work on my face for a period of about three days to get everything but you can imagine my surprise when I woke the day after the third pass through and did not feel hair!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thankyou!!

Laurie S., Florida - August 18, 2009

I received my Bellabe very quickly after I made my online purchase (just a matter of days). I really, really wish that I had known about your product years ago!! All the time I have wasted plucking each and every hair on my upper lip and chin -- one by one -- for years!! I could have learned another language or gotten a masters degree with all that wasted time.
It only took me a short time to get the hang of how to use the Bellabe, and then I was on my way to quickly having a very smooth, hair-free face. Amazing!! It feels a little funny at first, but surprisingly, it is not at all painful; even on the upper lip and the hairs right under the nose -- tweezing here is excruciating, using the Bellabe was virtually painless.
I rarely write to companies about their products, but I am so thrilled with Bellabe, I had to let you know.

A. Robertson, Portland, OR - March 3, 2009

I received my Bellabe yesterday and it is amazing!!! I want to say thank you for such a wonderful product. I will tell all my friends & families in Norway to order Bellabe. It is just amazing what this little thing can do!!

M. Pirmandi, Sweden - Jan 18, 2009

This little Bellabe tool is great & easy to use from the first time. A money saver too, considering the bad economic times that we are in. Definitely a 5-star for this facial hair threader/remover.

V. Lang, Seattle, WA - Jan 4, 2009

Super fast shipping! Wonderful seller! Bellabe is better than what I expected. I love that it has a little tube that I can store it in & keep it clean at all times. Truly an ingenious tool!

Melanie K., Phoenix, AZ - Jan 3, 2009

Truly an amazing, effective, easy-to-use, inexpensive way to achieve the same results as threading! I've had my face threaded for years, but since I moved, I have not been able to locate anyone who performs threading for less than $65!! I am in d.c. now, and back in l.a., it was only $10-$13 per session. Anyway, now I am happy that even (despite diligent training from iranian friends) though I could never do threading on myself before, with Bellabe I really can!! Ii will buy your product regularly and recommend it to all my friends!!

Maryjo J., Washington, DC - Apr 24, 2008

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for Bellabe. I asked, my sister, an aesthetician in California, for alternatives to waxing for my 12 year old daughter. She recommended Bellabe. You shipped it fast and it works so well! And you could easily charge more for something that is so effective. My daughter is very phobic of most painful treatments, but with Bellabe she can control the discomfort and work at her own pace. You cannot do this with wax, which is also very messy and time-consuming. I am more than impressed with how well this works and plan on using this on myself for hair removal. I will definitely be back again soon. Thanks so much!

Carrie B., Charlotte, NC - Apr 8, 2008

Thank you so much for the fastest service I received in a while. I bought this for my sister. She tried it as soon as she got it. A little while later I get a phone call for her, she was so happy with the Bellabe item. She said she couldn't believe it was getting there hair that she couldn't get with the tweezers.

Marcella, New Mexico - Mar 30, 2008

Thank you so much for shipping the Bellabe to me so quickly. I tried one last night for the first time and it's truly a wonderful invention. In the time I would've waited for wax to heat up, I was done! This morning I had no redness, no break outs, no bruising, none of the usual side effects of those horrible old methods. I couldn't be happier! I sound like a commercial, don't I? Well, I'm only telling the truth! Again, I really appreciate your getting them to me so fast. I've gladly left positive feedback for you, and I look forward to doing business with you again. There's no way I ever want to be without the Bellabe ! Thanks for everything!

Kathy W., Dana Point, CA - Feb. 26, 2008

I just wanted to say your product is wonderful! I ordered mine last week and ordered one for my mom today. Thanks!

Jennifer M., Gladstone, MI - Feb. 23, 2008

Just got my first Bellabe, used it and am very pleased! I have really thick and long "peach fuzz". I had been trimming with scissors. I will still have to pluck the stifer and darker hairs, but that is okay. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is bothered by facial hair.

Shirley F., USA - Feb. 1, 2008

Thank you for coming back to the Mid-Michigan Women's Expo!! I bought one Bellabe last year from you at the women's show. I can't believe how well it works!! I have used it for a little more than a year and it still works very well! I just want to let you know what a big help Bellabe has been for me. Thank you! Thank you! Now that I know where I can order it online, I will definitely be back and checking out www.facialhairthreading.com

Anna M., Lansing, MI - Feb. 4, 2008

Wow! I was skeptical as to how well this great little simple device would work on my upper lip. My Bellabe came in the mail today and I just used it this evening. I am completely blown away with the results, and how fast and easy it is to use!! I even had to tell my husband how excited I was that I never have to go get waxed ever again!! I was wary about how much it would hurt to use. The discomfort is next to none,compared to tweezing or waxing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this great product! I will be back for more!! I will tell my sisters and friends about this great find!

Candy C., San Diego, CA - Jan. 23, 2008

Thanks for such a wonderful product that actually works!! Bellabe/Epicare is so easy to use and I am so glad that my friend told me about it!! It's unbelievable how something so little actually performs so well! I am definitely telling all my girl friends about this ingenious little tool!!

Molly A., New Market, AL - Nov. 11, 2007

Hi! I am actually bringing this last order in for some friends. I have been telling everyone about Bellabe. I initially bought it for my 13 year old daughter. I was looking for something safe for her to use and boy, did I hit the jackpot! I immediately bought one for myself and my sisters. We all love it and wondered how we have suffered all these years without something like the Bellabe. Aloha from Maui!!

Jayne K., Hawaii - Oct. 5, 2007

I am a middle aged woman with light colored facial hair due to menopause, I'm sure. Your product has saved me many hours of trying to pluck. Waxing was out, it irritated my skin. I heard shaving is not a good option. So when I saw Bellabe at such a low price I decided to try it. I have to use it about twice a week, but my skin feels so soft after use. You can bet I told all my friends to give your product a try!!!! Thanks!

Renee M., Galloway, OH - Sep. 13, 2007

I am a return customer and very happy with my Bellabe. I'm ordering more for my girl friends and I know they are going to be just as satisfied with it. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Kamran A., NC - Sep. 8, 2007

I LOVE your product...it works SOOOOO great....so easy to do...I am so glad I do not have to go have my face waxed all the time, the wax was starting to irritate my skin and waxing overall is NOT good for the skin, it can make it 'sag' in time...this saves me so much time and money and it leaves my face so smooth. Finally a product that actually performs as promised!! THANKS for inventing such a great great tool. I have already bought several for friends. Everyone loves it...Thanks again.

Pat C., California - Sep 5, 2007

This is Mrs.Z. Just wanna say thanks a lot for Bellabe, such a useful thing for me and such a lovely idea from such a brilliant brain. Want to say that it makes life easy. Thanks again, God bless u all there.

Zar D., Coventry, UK - June 4, 2007

I have searched many places and tried several things, using your product has helped me in so many ways. I love it! I'ts fast, easy, and very effective.

Tatiana V., Los Angeles - May 31, 2007

I just wanted to let you know...I received my product today and it WORKS!! I am extremely happy with it. Thanks a lot!!

Robin H., Idaho - Mar. 12, 2007

I wanted to let you know that I have received my order. I love Bellabe! It is great and I have spread the word for all my friends.

Sakana G., Toronto - Jan. 6, 2007

I tried Bellabe for the first time about one month ago. I have had embarrassing hair on my chin for over 12 years. I have not been able to do anyting about it except shaving, because other methods were painful or too expensive. But I do not have bristly hair anymore and no shadow. I feel so much more confident and so relieved. I am so glad that I found this product.

Darlene H. - Nov. 13, 2006

Hi, I received my Bellabe. I just can't believe how well it works. I have been spending lots of money having my whole face threaded. I have never seen it advertised anywhere. I was playing on line and ran into it. If you advertised this product you would do damage to the hair removal industry. It's too bad it doesn't do eye brows. I will be ordering another one for a friend.

Lori C. - Cranston, RI - Nov. 11, 2006

Fast shipping. This tool is amazing!! Every woman should be using this!!!!!!

Ebay feedback by Lunnazol - Nov. 7, 2006

~Wow~ What an amazing Tool ~ Best Invention of the 21st Century ~

Ebay feedback by Leodude27 - Nov. 2, 2006


Ebay feedback by wrenchsnaxes - Oct. 26, 2006

I just had to let you know that I am truly impressed with my Bellabe. I have many very fine blonde hairs on my face and it was really starting to bother me as I don't want to look my age. I had previously tried a product lotion) and used it twice. The second time I ended up with a chemical burn all over my face. Very irritating and embarassing. I found your website and thought I may as well give Bellabe a try. What could I lose, right? I will never regret my decision! This product is just so wonderful! It is so easy to use and I will never use anything else from now on. I hope that Bellabe will be around for many years to come. Thank you so very much for bringing Bellabe into my life.

Margaret B. - Ontario, Canada - Oct. 22, 2006

Shipped fast, authentic product ! would buy again~thanks!

Ebay feedback by drbm12 - Oct. 18, 2006

Was sceptical, but it WORKS! No muss, no fuss, no rash. Very quick shipping.

Ebay feedback by kenkar - Sep. 25, 2006

I got the order yesterday and used it last night. Wow, this is a terrific product and I am very pleased with the results.

Shelley S. - San Jose, CA - Aug. 22, 2006

Hello! I've tried Bellabe and it worked very effectively! I use Bellabe about twice every week and I love that it leaves my face very clean and smooth. I've tried many other hair removal products but I found that Bellabe has worked the best and is simply the easiest to use. There are no lotions or gels or chemicals to mess with. I've been using my Bellabe for about 6 months now and it is still very effective.I am defintely recommending this product to whoever needs a facial hair removal product.

Lizzie B. - Los Angeles, CA - Aug. 22, 2006

June, hi! I can't believe how fast your shipping service is. I placed my order for 3 Bellabe on Saturday morning, and by Monday after work, they were waiting for me in my mailbox! I can't believe how something that looks so simple works so great! What an awesome gadget for hair removal! It took me a just a couple of tries to get the hang of it and I just can't believe how it actually pulls hair out from the roots. Please don't stop selling them.

Janice. E - Corona, CA - May 11, 2006

Hi! I purchased my Bellabe from the authorized U.S. distributor www.facialhairthreading.com They charged only US$16.99 for each Bellabe. Their price is so much lower and I bought 3 Bellabe, and June shipped them to me by Priority Mail for the same shipping & handling of only $3.00!! What a deal!! I am definitely recommending this website to all my friends!!

Tara M. - Edison, NJ - April 21, 2006

Here's a tip you should pass on to your customers. Pat a little baking soda on your skin before using Bellabe and it picks up many more hairs in a much shorter time.

Maxine F. - Apr. 1, 2006

When I opened the package and looked at the product, I thought to myself, "This is not going to work. How was this going to remove my facial hair?" The directions given on the enclosed leaflet were easy to follow and it only took me a couple of minutes to get the hang of using Bellabe. I have always shaved my facial hair but yet Bellabe removed the coarse hair on my upper lip, chin and side of my face.

Elaine H. - Litchfield, NH - Apr. 27, 2006

A friend gave me an Bellabe while I was at home recovering from a long illness, knowing that I was unable to go to the salon to have my regular waxing done on my upper lip. I am forever thankful to my friend as Bellabe does a great job of removing the hair from my upper lip, chin as well as on my neck. I'm pretty hairy so you can imagine how much I pay each time I go to have waxing done. Thanks again for such a great product!! I'm definitely telling all my friends and family about Bellabe.

Rachel C. - New Jersey - Jan. 17, 2006

Thank you very much for your quick response to all my e-mails. I have been very impressed with both your product and the professionalism exhibited by your staff, and I am recommending your product and company to my friends and family.

Indu V. - U.K. - Dec. 8, 2005

I must be honest with you, I've always had a few facial hairs here and there, but now that I'm on steroids (for a kidney transplant), they are out of control. I just want to tell you that I have been using Bellabe with successful results. Bellabe works very well and lasts for about a week, as opposed to depilatories and shaving (!) that only last a few days! So, thank you for Bellabe. So glad I stumbled onto your website.

Sandy C. - Columbus, OH - Nov. 22, 2005

I just want to say that your product is amazing! I cannot live without it!

R.K. - Ann Arbor, Michigan - Sep. 29, 2005

I've been using Bellabe for just a few days. I cannot recommend it enough. I have spent hundred of pounds over the last few years on waxes, creams, shavers and epilators, all of which worked up to a point. One session with this simple little device has has made me feel good again. Although facial hair has not been a big problem, I have always been acutely aware of it. Thanks to Bellabe I can go out again without feeling people are noticing it. Thanks again!

Mary - U.K. - Aug. 7, 2005

Today I received my Bellabe which I am pleased with. I have used it all over my face and it pulls out my facial hair. I will tell my friends and family who are suffering similar issues like me about Bellabe . It really works! Many Thanks to you! -

R. Devi - Sydney, Australia - July 26, 2005

I e-mailed to let June know that I had misplaced my Bellabe and needed one quickly. She called me right away and I placed an order for 3 more. I received my order in 2 days. I don't know what I will do without my Bellabe hair threader. Now I have one on my dresser, one in my purse and one in the medicine cabinet! This way, I will make sure that I don't ever lose it again! -

B. Rachelle - New York - June 28, 2005

I have had to deal with embarrassing hair on my upper lip all my life. I was even made fun of in junior high because it was so noticeable. I have tried everything from bleaching to waxing to tweezing to depilatories to shaving and nothing ever seemed to work! I was about to give up hope and started looking into really expensive laser hair removal but I was scared about the scars it might create. I recently came across an article on threading while surfing the internet and became very curious about it. I did some research and found Bellabe! I ordered it right away and got it today at work. When I got home, I tried it and found that it's not only simple and easy to use but you get super fast results! I didn't really feel much pain because I was so used to tweezing the hairs out one by one. Thank you for making this product! I feel so much better about myself now! It's amazing how such a little tool can really change one's life. Please never stop making this! I am going to tell my sister about it because she has the same problem as me. But no longer! Thank you Bellabe! -

A.C. - California - April 26, 2005

I received my Bellabe promptly in the mail. I cannot say enough about your product. This tool is the miracle that I have been waiting for. I have always felt self conscious about my facial hair. Now I can avoid those expensive visits to get "threaded" and do it myself! I just told my friend about it and am ordering 3 more (1 for her). Thank you so much!

- Nancy K., MA - April 14, 2005

That hair removing gadget of yours is really good, very easy, and hardly any pain felt.

- Farhana's mum, UK - April 10, 2005

WOW! It's the easiest hair removal system I've used. Thank you, wish I'd discovered it sooner. I normally have my face threaded, but the lady has gone away on holiday for a few weeks much to my dismay, but Bellabe seems to have done almost an equal job in removing hair, if not BETTER with more practice. It's soooooooo easy, and less painful. I'm definitely going to recommend this to my mum.

- Farhana S., UK - April 10, 2005

I got my Bellabe in just 3 days! Awesome! Shipping is fast and customer service is wonderful!! I bought 3 - one each for myself, my sister and my mom. My sister is 6 months pregnant and she loves that it does not harm her in any way. My mom can't see well to do her own tweezing anymore, so this is the answer to her hair woes! Thanks for making such a great product!

- Carlin M., TX - Feb. 25, 2004

I am a repeat customer and I just love my Bellabe!! I am ordering more Bellabe, not just for myself but for my sister. The people at facialhairthreading.com are very fast at answering emails and are very helpful. Shipping is very fast too! I can't say enough about them. If you want to buy Bellabe and get great service, this is the place to buy it. I definitely recommend this website and Bellabe to everyone.

- J. Helms, CA - Jan. 21, 2004

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Bellabe last week and I'm absolutely delighted with the product! This product has changed my life. After years of suffering from embarrassing peach fuzz, I can now remove the unwanted hair on my face, with this wonderful little tool, in the privacy of my own home and without the expense and time involved of going to a beauty salon. Also, this product does not make my face break out!! Thanks for making a great product and for the fast service!

- A. Lee, Hong Kong - Sept. 13, 2003

This is so much faster than tweezing and plucking!! In no time at all, my face was smooth and silky. I am definitely recommending this product to my sisters and friends!!

- B. Martin, W. Michigan - Sept. 10, 2003

I am so glad that you now have a website for me to place more future orders. Thank you for making Bellabe available to my friends and me. Thanks, too, for your superior service and fast shipping!!

- T. Yow, W. Australia - September 9, 2002

I have been using Bellabe for the last 3 months. It is the best facial hair removal device ever invented!

- J. Kirscht, MN - September 9, 2002

My daughters and I have always gone for threading at the salons. It gets to be very expensive and time consuming! So, we are very glad to have found Bellabe!!

- K. Krishna & daughters, LA - July 2001

Since using Bellabe, my hair has been growing back slower and finer. I am so happy with the way I look now. Thank you!!

- Mrs. Quek, Singapore - April 2001

I am already telling all my family, friends and colleagues about Bellabe! Looking at it, you may not believe that Bellabe can do what it is supposed to do. But it does!!

- Sujeta V., California - Jan 2001

What an easy and convenient way to remove the hair on my upper lip and chin. I have very sensitive skin, and yet Bellabe does not irritate my skin at all.

- Ms. N. Belle, San Francisco - November 2000

I was literally pulling my hair out (pun intended) at the thought of spending money on expensive treatments such as laser to remove this unsightly hair I have on my upper lip and chin. Then a friend told me all about Bellabe. At first, I was very skeptical to think that something so inexpensive would actually work. But I tried it and I am so glad I did!! Bellabe saved me a ton of money and time!

- S. Rooney, NY - August 2000

I was told that laser treatments would not work for me as I have very light hair. But Bellabe quickly and safely removes the thick blond hair I have on my upper lip, without damaging my skin at all!

- E. Baker, Canada - December 1999

In Japanese custom, we shave our faces. Then my friend recommended Bellabe and I have been using it since!!

- K. Yatsuda, MI - 1999

Bellabe is so easy and convenient to use! I just whip it out from my bag and I can remove unsightly facial hair within 2 minutes!! And I am ready to go out on a date!! I just love my Bellabe! Thank you!!

- G. Hagen, Germany - 1998

I cannot believe that something so simple can actually be so effective! I guess you've got to try it to believe it, like I did!!

- Doreen E., U.K. - 1998

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