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I just wanted to let you know that I received my Bellabe last week and I'm absolutely delighted with the product! This product has changed my life. After years of suffering from embarrassing peach fuzz, I can now remove the unwanted hair on my face, with this wonderful little tool, in the privacy of my own home and without the expense and time involved of going to a beauty salon. Also, this product does not make my face break out!! Thanks for making a great product and for the fast service!
Date of Posting: 13 September 2003
Posted By: A. Lee, Hong Kong
This is so much faster than tweezing and plucking!! In no time at all, my face was smooth and silky. I am definitely recommending this product to my sisters and friends!!
Date of Posting: 10 September 2003
Posted By: B. Martin, W. Michigan
Fast shipping. This tool is amazing!! Every woman should be using this!!!!!!
Date of Posting: 07 November 2002
Posted By: Ebay feedback by Lunnazol
I am so glad that you now have a website for me to place more future orders. Thank you for making Bellabe available to my friends and me. Thanks, too, for your superior service and fast shipping!!
Date of Posting: 09 September 2002
Posted By: T. Yow, W. Australia
I have been using Bellabe for the last 3 months. It is the best facial hair removal device ever invented!
Date of Posting: 09 September 2002
Posted By: J. Kirscht, MN
My daughters and I have always gone for threading at the salons. It gets to be very expensive and time consuming! So, we are very glad to have found Bellabe!!
Date of Posting: 01 July 2001
Posted By: K. Krishna & daughters, LA
Since using Bellabe, my hair has been growing back slower and finer. I am so happy with the way I look now. Thank you!!
Date of Posting: 01 April 2001
Posted By: Mrs. Quek, Singapore
What an easy and convenient way to remove the hair on my upper lip and chin. I have very sensitive skin, and yet Bellabe does not irritate my skin at all.
Date of Posting: 01 November 2000
Posted By: Ms. N. Belle, San Francisco
I was literally pulling my hair out (pun intended) at the thought of spending money on expensive treatments such as laser to remove this unsightly hair I have on my upper lip and chin. Then a friend told me all about Bellabe. At first, I was very skeptical to think that something so inexpensive would actually work. But I tried it and I am so glad I did!! Bellabe saved me a ton of money and time!
Date of Posting: 01 August 2000
Posted By: S. Rooney, NY
I am already telling all my family, friends and colleagues about Bellabe! Looking at it, you may not believe that Bellabe can do what it is supposed to do. But it does!!
Date of Posting: 01 January 2000
Posted By: Sujeta V., California

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