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I was told that laser treatments would not work for me as I have very light hair. But Bellabe quickly and safely removes the thick blond hair I have on my upper lip, without damaging my skin at all!
Date of Posting: 01 December 1999
Posted By: E. Baker, Canada
In Japanese custom, we shave our faces. Then my friend recommended Bellabe and I have been using it since!!
Date of Posting: 01 January 1999
Posted By: K. Yatsuda, MI
Bellabe is so easy and convenient to use! I just whip it out from my bag and I can remove unsightly facial hair within 2 minutes!! And I am ready to go out on a date!! I just love my Bellabe! Thank you!!
Date of Posting: 01 January 1998
Posted By: G. Hagen, Germany
I cannot believe that something so simple can actually be so effective! I guess you've got to try it to believe it, like I did!!
Date of Posting: 01 January 1998
Posted By: Doreen E., U.K.

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