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Date of Posting: 22 February 2011
Posted By: aspreet K., New York
I am 63 years old and have had ugly chin hair problems for quite a while. I've been shaving it and then it comes in very sharp, course and nasty. I've used this Bellabe remover for about a week now and it does do the job. It does sting, but not enough to stop using it for the purpose of removing that fine facial hair and the difficult hair also. I watch TV and just roll it around and it does the job. I definitely would recommend this product to everyone.
Date of Posting: 12 February 2011
Posted By: Debi P., Miami, FL
Girls-I have tried EVERYTHING and I thought....mmmm okay I'll try it! OMG OMG!!! I started to cry when I felt under my chin!!! It felt like a babies butt!!! I'm 53 and for 25 years I've had coarse hair and OMG! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hair hasn't even grown back yet....it's been 5 days. Normally it would have-It is a miracle for me! Just to feel and look "Normal" this is great!!! Now my boyfriend can kiss me on the neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again Bellabe-you have a great product !"
Date of Posting: 12 February 2011
Posted By: theyank
WOW.... This is the best tool in facial hair remover. A...MUST-HAVE...tool! This really pulls out so many hairs at a time and is easy, saves time. does a great job. Trust me- totally worth it!
Date of Posting: 06 November 2010
Posted By: Georgia D., Minnesota
I've suffered with facial hair for a long time now. I had black hair on my face and it seemed like even tweezing wouldn't work cause I could never get it all. I had it on my neck, chin, and on the sides of my face. The reason why I say "had" is because I finally found something that would take care of it, and that would be Bellabe! I can't thank you enough! I finally feel more confident and can actually wear my hair up without feeling embarrassed. It definitely took me awhile the first time to get the unwanted hair off (considering I had a lot) and you really just have to keep working at it to get the hang of it but it's actually very easy to use. I love Bellabe and I will always continue to use it. Thank you!
Date of Posting: 01 October 2010
Posted By: Alana S.
I got my Bellabe today, in less than a week, and that was with my placing my order on the weekend. Totally impressed with the fast delivery. I couldn't wait to try it and it worked just as promised. I am so glad I had read the reviews that alerted me to the discomfort you might experience when first using Bellabe. I wouldn't call it painful. I was very much aware I was removing the hair on my face. I certainly didn't mind the discomfort since I now can run my fingers over my face and not wince now that the peach fuzz is no longer on my upper and lower lip areas. I tweezed, so it is no more uncomfortable than that is, and so much quicker and it gets more the fine hairs that I could when I did tweeze. Thank you for this awesome product. I was getting desperate enough that I had given serious thought to buying a chemical product to remove the unwanted hair. It was during my internet search for facial hair removal that I found your website. It gave me a better option to try, as I wasn't all that thrilled about applying chemicals to my face, but was tired of the endless tweezing I had to do.
I am telling all my girlfriends about this wonderful product.
Date of Posting: 17 September 2010
Posted By: Kathy L., California
I purchased Bellabe just a few days ago and I honestly don't know what took me so long to find it. It is absolutely amazing!! I have been plagued with the problem of facial hair for years and because of constant quick shaving the hairs would come back very strong and resistant. As a black woman it became very slightly and therefore I decided to try something different when I came across this product. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Date of Posting: 22 June 2010
Posted By: Charlene J.
I love this!! Obviously, you are pulling hair out from the root, so you are going to feel it, ladies. I found that using it a little bit each night has already made my skin get used to the pinch sensation. This will save me a ton of money (and time) in upper lip waxing!! I never want to be without this. I am so glad that I have two, otherwise, I might worry about being without it!!
Date of Posting: 17 May 2010
Posted By: Faith, New Zealand
How do I leave comments on your site about your product? There are way too many hair removal products EVERYWHERE that don't work! YOURS DOES, once the "technich" is mastered! I'm VERY, VERY pleased with Bellabe!!! I received mine less than a week ago.
Date of Posting: 17 May 2010
Posted By: Michele G., Missouri
I love Bellabe!! Just got it in the mail today. Tried it out and my face feels so soft. Grabs those long and short hairs. Very impressed. Only tried it once but I love it already!! Only takes one time to see how great a product this is. I have very sensitive skin; wax breaks me out, bleach and lotions really hurt my skin and give me open sores. This product is so easy to use. Thanks, Bellabe, for making such a great product!
Date of Posting: 14 May 2010
Posted By: Amy C., Illinois

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