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What is Bellabe

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover Threader. Original. Authentic. Made in USA

The Bellabe™ Facial Hair Remover is a beauty tool based on the ancient art of hair threading. This ancient method involves the removal of unwanted hair with a cotton thread. However, unlike threading, Bellabe does not nick the skin. Instead, Bellabe uses a unique precision spring that allows the removal of unwanted facial hair from the roots safely and effectively.

Most women, unfortunately, have unsightly hair on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and even sideburns. As the aging process begins, many women develop "peach fuzz" and coarse stubbly hair that is almost impossible to remove without spending hours tediously plucking each strand with a pair of tweezers. So what can a woman do?

Bellabe (pronounced "bella-bee") removes both fine and coarse hair. It's a beauty tool designed for individual use that can be used over and over again - saving you money.

Bellabe is comprised of two handles and a specially-coated hypoallergenic spring. Bellabe is used by flexing the spring into an upside down “U” and placing it on the face. When the handles are rolled between the fingers, thus rolling the spring on the face, the hair is then trapped within the tightened coils and removed - follicle and all. No chemicals, creams, lotions or waxes are used.

Some people may experience some initial sensitivity using Bellabe while the hair is pulled out from the roots. However, with regular Bellabe use, most people get used to it and say that it is practically painless! Most people get the hang of using Bellabe in just a couple of tries. As you become more familiar and comfortable with using Bellabe, removing unwanted facial hair will be a breeze! In fact, many of our customers use it while watching TV or surfing the internet. You don't even need a mirror. No need to plug in or search for batteries as Bellabe is a manual epilator.



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