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Our Story

WOMAN-OWNED Bellabe was the brainchild of a mother with 2 young children, who wanted to balance work and family. At the same time, she was looking for a solution to a common problem faced by many women of all ages. Since inventing the Bellabe in 1999, then doing a soft launch in 2002, and then finally registering the company in June 2004, Bellabe has grown by leaps and bounds. Bellabe was on a daytime talk show, was on QVC for a few years, and featured in several magazines, and has become a household name. Today, Bellabe is still owned by the founder who is just as involved in the day to day operations, especially now that her own children are in college. At Bellabe, we’ve always believed that grooming is an act of self-care. When our founder went through postpartum blues after having her first child, she realized that small acts of self-maintenance - putting on an outfit she felt beautiful in, styling her hair, or painting her nails - can make her feel worlds better on the inside. Bellabe was built on that belief.  

Bellabe means "be beautiful," not just look beautiful. We believe that every person should embody beauty in their own unique way, by making choices that put their well-being first.

What Is Bellabe?

Bellabe is hypoallergenic, and nickel-free.

Bellabe™ Facial Hair Remover Is A Manual Epilator. With Its Revolutionary Unique Spring-Action, It Offers The Easiest And Fastest Way To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair From The Roots Quickly And Effectively, Without Waxing, Bleaching, Tweezing Or Shaving.

Why Choose Bellabe?

Flawless and silky smooth skin can be yours today!
  • Hair Regrowth May Be Finer With Regular Use.
  • Can Be Used Without A Mirror.
  • Skin Will Not Sag Or Wrinkle.
  • Hypoallergenic. Nickel Free.
  • Several Strands Of Hair Are Removed At A Time.
  • Pays For Itself In Just One Use.