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At Home Hair Removal Revelations

One of the best hair removers reviewed by Daily Candy. – May 17, 2011

Open Website Reputation against Fraud and Malware
Very happy with and the superb service! – April 5, 2011

Facial Hair Threading
Suprised and pleased! – March 19, 2011

A Beauty Tool You Can Love!!
Please scroll down to middle of page. Sep. 1, 2010

Bellabe’s claims are definitely not embellished!!
A new discovery for me. – Nov. 4, 2009


Love this facial hair remover! Works for me as advertised. Not really any more painful for me than using tweezers but it is way more convenient. Seems to be well made and “Made in the U.S.A.” is a plus. Love this facial hair remover!

DJonJanuary 8, 2017

Works well and does exactly what it claims. Very effective on even super fine hairs, unlike many other removal products. My reason for 4 stars versus 5 is that there is a minor amount of skin irritation from repeated rolling of the product over skin. Some reviewers have noted breakouts – this can be minimized by using the product (cleaned) on clean skin, and following with toner after.

DawnJanuary 6, 2017

Have used this for years. Great product and fast delivery. I love it. If you can grab a hair with tweezers, this can grab it. Does it hurt? Yes. I think the pain will lessen in time or you get used to it. It takes some practice to figure out how to get the most hair out. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be bent into a full U shape. I wish I found this years ago. Qquickly removes fine facial hair with minimal discomfort. I love it!

Tracey GJanuary 2, 2017

I really like this product. It quickly removes fine facial hair with minimal discomfort. It is true that the coarser hairs sometimes require multiple “passes” over them, the product will also remove those thicker hairs. I recommend this product.

Jane T.January 5, 2017

Revolutionary Facial Hair Remover

BellabeTM Facial Hair Remover is the Original and Authentic Hair Remover of its kind.

No. 1 Selling Hair Remover of its kind on Amazon.

No. 1 Facial Hair Remover in the World! A Trusted Brand Name in USA.

We have been selling online since 1998 and our sales of Bellabe (pronounced as Bella-Bee) have been beyond our wildest dreams!! Our website was featured on the Rachael Ray Show on March 20th, 2009. Our customers love Bellabe so much that they are coming back time and time again to buy Bellabe.

Bellabe is proudly Made in USA. All materials are sourced locally. Our manufacturing plant is in Romulus, MI.