The Bellabe™ Facial Hair Remover is a manual epilator for removing both fine and coarse facial hair.  Bellabe (pronounced “bella-bee”)  is designed for  individual use, and removes hair  on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, jawline, and neck area.

As women age, they develop an unsightly mustache,  peach fuzz on their cheeks and jaw-lines,  coarse stubbly hair on their chins, and heavens!! What’s that on their neck?!!  A woman can spend  hours tediously plucking each and every strand with a pair of tweezers.  Or she can use a Bellabe!!

Bellabe is comprised of two handles and a FDA approved hypoallergenic spring (it does not contain nickel).   By flexing the unique precision spring into an upside-down  “U” and placing it on the face, and then rolling the handles between the fingers,  hair is trapped within the coils of the spring and removed – follicle and all.  The action is repeated continuously until the area is smooth and hair-free.  No chemicals, creams, lotions or waxes are used, making clean up easy and fuss free.

Every individual has a different threshold for bearing pain, but it is commonly agreed that the first time you use an epilator, you may experience the most sensitivity as it pulls the hair from the roots. That tolerance increases over time with regular use and most people get used to it and say that it is practically painless!  Using the Bellabe is not complicated but it may require some practice to master the correct technique. Most people find that 2 or 3 sessions are enough to become sufficiently adept to be happy with the results.  In fact, once they are adept at the Bellabe, many of our customers use it while watching TV or surfing the internet.  You won’t even need a mirror!  No battery, electricity or charging needed. Convenient indeed!


Revolutionary Facial Hair Remover

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover is the Original and Authentic Hair Remover of its kind.

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We have been selling online since 2004 and our sales of Bellabe (pronounced as Bella-Bee) have been beyond our wildest dreams!! Our website was featured on the Rachael Ray Show on March 20th, 2009, and August 9, 2009. We aired on QVC for 3 years! Our customers love Bellabe so much that they are coming back time and time again to buy Bellabe.

Bellabe is proudly Made in USA. All materials are sourced locally. Our manufacturing plant is in Romulus, MI.

Bellabe is a trademarked name.

Bellabe means "be beautiful," not just look beautiful. We believe that every person should embody beauty in their own unique way, by making choices that put their well-being first.