Our Story

Our idea for Bellabe came about in 1999 and was finally created in 2000.  However, we did not bring it to the market until 2004 when we launched our website (then it was www.facialhairthreading.com). We also did a soft launch in 2004 at large tradeshow  in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Subsequently, we did a few tradeshows in Ohio and Michigan, and continued to sell on our website, as well as on Amazon. Through word of mouth, people came to know about Bellabe. We also approached several influencers, bloggers, and youtubers to review Bellabe.  In early 2009, an executive from the Rachael Ray Morning Show contacted us for a few Bellabes.  A few months later, we were featured on the show; and we sold out of all our inventory that weekend!! We aired twice on Rachael Ray in 2009. This led to calls from many major retailers. It was an exciting time for us!!  We decided to go with QVC as we felt that our product needed the on-air demonstration to show consumers how to use it.  Bellabe was sold for 3 years on QVC from 2010-2013.  We sold out of Bellabe at every QVC airing!!  Bellabe was one of QVC’s  best sellers!! In that period of time, we sold hundreds of thousands of Bellabe on QVC!!  We are proud to say that because of Bellabe, we were able to provide jobs for the local community, especially Americans with disabilities. Thanks to our customers and those who return again and again to buy Bellabe,  we continue to be very successful, and we thank you all for your continued support. Bellabe is now undeniably a household name, and the Number One hair remover of its kind!! Bellabe is also the only one of its kind that is manufactured entirely in the United States, with materials that are sourced locally within Michigan.

We appreciate customers like you, for continuing to support Bellabe. We sell Bellabe almost exclusively on Amazon, as that is where most of the traffic is. If you purchased a Bellabe on Amazon, a 5-star review from you is very much appreciated. It will very much help our ranking on Amazon. As it is, doing business on Amazon is not as easy as it used to be. Now there are millions of sellers vying for the top spots. Especially sellers from China, who used black hat tactics to rank high on Amazon. We have always been very transparent about our business on Amazon, here and eBay, and therefore, we would very much appreciate Amazon reviews from our customers. Thank you again for your business and loyalty.

Why not manufacture in China?

Of course, with every product created,  the imitations  will follow. But we are very happy to say that the quality of these imitations don’t even come close to Bellabe. All of the copycats are made in China, some in Israel, if not, the materials are sourced from China.  Only Bellabe is 100% manufactured in USA, and all materials are sourced from USA.

Many have asked why we manufacture Bellabe in USA? ISN’T IT CHEAPER TO MANUFACTURE IN CHINA OR INDIA? We could go overseas and manufacture for a lot less, but we believe that our product should be a safe and quality product. Since the spring is placed on the skin to remove hair, we want to be sure that the Bellabe spring which is comprised of a metal, and the plating on the spring, are certified to be safe for human use. We manufacture Bellabe in U.S.A. so that we have complete control over the plating process and the material used to make the springs. There are several platings available in the market for various uses, and many of them are human carcinogens. We use only facilities that are accredited by A2LA Laboratory Accreditation Program, to perform Quality Tests on all the parts which they plate. We cannot be certain that similar products that are manufactured in China or any other country adhere to the same high standards that we set for ourselves.

Latest News

It has come to our attention that someone in China is replicating Bellabe in its entirety and selling it at some websites. It looks almost exactly like our Bellabe, with the Bellabe name on the plastic handles, our unique plastic tube with its green label and the purple logo. It looks almost like our Bellabe. But here are the differences:

  • Tube is longer at 8.75 inches long (22.3 cm) – this would be the easiest to tell that it’s a fake.
  • Tube is shrink-wrapped at both ends
  • Spring is much weaker (compare with Bellabe), thus doesn’t remove hair as well
  • Fake has 2 ejector points on each handle
  • Their  handles are not grip resistant and made of cheap plastic.
  • Their handle colors are different from ours and are off for every color.
  • Their spring looks painted not plated.

Good News

To fight the fakes, we have redesigned our label with a new logo.  Our new label is fresh and modern, with a grey background. We no longer have the grass green labels on the tubes.

To ensure that you are getting the authentic Bellabe, buy only from our authorized retailers. (add link to send them to authorized retailers page)

If you are not sure that your Bellabe is authentic, email us! (support@bellabe.com or geminigroupusa@gmail.com)


Revolutionary Facial Hair Remover

BellabeTM Facial Hair Remover is the Original and Authentic Hair Remover of its kind.

No. 1 Facial Hair Remover in the World! A Trusted Brand Name in USA.

We have been selling online since 1998 and our sales of Bellabe (pronounced as Bella-Bee) have been beyond our wildest dreams!! Our website was featured on the Rachael Ray Show on March 20th, 2009. Our customers love Bellabe so much that they are coming back time and time again to buy Bellabe.

Bellabe is proudly Made in USA. All materials are sourced locally. Our manufacturing plant is in Romulus, MI.